Mini Bath Bomb

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CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

Lux Mini Bath Bombs are a great way to treat your skin at the end of a long day! Drop one or two into your warm bath water and let the delicious scents relax you.


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CBD Bath Bomb Benefits

Our High Quality CBD Bath Bombs alleviate, calm and refresh your skin with high quality essential oils and are infused with USA cannabidiol. A high dosage of CBD may help diminish anxiety and strain while giving alleviating solace anyplace your body needs it. These bath bobs are created with rich exotic oils, botanicals, and minerals to lessen irritation, help the body unwind, and hydrate and support your skin’s health and appearance.

CBD Bath Bomb Effects

When using a Lux CBD Bath Bomb, to get the best effects, start with drawing a warm bath. If you have a jet tub, even better! Unpack your mini bath delights and opt for 1 or 2 at a time for a unique, custom relaxation experience. Drop them into the water and sink into a CBD infused bath. Enjoy!

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