4 Ways to Help Strengthen Your Roots

Do you find that your roots are weak and damaged from poor hair care? There’s no reason to worry. We all have chosen the wrong product before we knew what our hair needed to thrive. That’s why it’s great that you clicked on this article because we’re going to give you some tips to help strengthen hair from root to tip.

Continue reading for these must-know tips.

1. Change Your Diet

Often, our hair, skin, and nails look has to do with the things that we’re putting inside our bodies. If your body isn’t getting enough vitamins and nutrients from the foods you’re consuming, it can cause problems with your hair’s strength.

The way to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamins in your diet increases the number of fruits and dark leafy vegetables. Also, replace the bad fats in exchange for good fats, including avocado and a variety of nuts.

2. Reduce Product Buildup

When you apply product without cleansing your scalp, what happens is product buildup. When there’s product buildup on your scalp, your hair follicles become clogged with dirt and other debris.

Ensure that during your wash day, you use a scalp cleanser such as Apple cider vinegar to ensure all of the week’s products have been removed. By removing leftover products, you give your hair a chance to breathe and grow, helping strengthen your roots.

3. Drink Water

Water helps to remove toxins from the body and keeps you hydrated. Another benefit of drinking water is that it helps to moisturize your scalp. It’s recommended that you consume at least eight glasses of water a day.

When your scalp is moisturized, it la being given what it needs to continue growing and strengthening your hair’s roots; the more water than you consume, the better your body will function. The better your hair will look and feel.

4. Take Your Vitamins

Even when you’ve got the best intentions, it’s easy to still not get all of the nutrients that your body needs. If you suspect that you’re not getting all of the nutrients that you need, consider taking a multivitamin.

There are also vitamins that you can get for folic acid or iron deficiencies. As well as fish oil and vitamin d supplements. However, it’s worth noting that you can also take too much of a vitamin. To avoid this, take the supplement as recommended on the bottle or by your physician.

How Strong Are Your Roots?

When it comes to root strength to repair the damage that’s been done, it starts from within. Focusing on the things your putting in your body will help create a strong foundation for your hair.

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